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The absolute fastest growing trend in gaming today...


     Everyday, more individuals join online poker rooms with the intent of either learning how to play poker OR learning how to improve their current game.  Without question, the best way to accomplish either goal is to play Poker Online.

     If you are here, you already are aware that perhaps there is more information to be understood or you are curious enough to know there IS more to know before you open a new account.


     Read on...

     It is very likely that you have watched a television commercial or two that advertises online poker...What did you notice?  Ahhh...all the ads for sites with web addresses end in a .NET web address.  Along with that you have probably noticed that these ads seem to be promoting "The Worlds Largest Poker School" or something of that nature.



     Because, in the United States we have a regulatory agency called the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC, it is their job to protect consumers from "illicit" advertising.  The jury is still out on the legality of advertising  gambling websites so the poker rooms get around this by using the .NET/Poker School as a work around.  The reality?  They hope you will eventually follow the links from the .NET sites to the "Real Money" .COM site.

      Now, since these sites cannot advertise gambling, they, by default, cannot tell you that players who make an effort to sign-up for new accounts( real money or play money) through an affiliate are automatically eligible for a sign-up BONUS of up to $600.00 ( depending on the poker room) added to their first real money deposit.  If a new player doesn't sign-up through an affiliate they wont receive a bonus.  Wasted money.   Don't miss out on the opportunity.

      Remember Players are NEVER obligated to open a real money account, and there is NEVER any type of charge if they do, ever.

 If you have been interested in trying out poker, or know you want to give it a shot, even if you already play but want to start playing at a new room....just follow one of these links to the top poker rooms  in action today... 

 Party Poker or FullTilt Poker


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